TapeCalc 0.4g

Calculate basic aritihmetic


  • Records the history of your calculations
  • Very clear interface


  • Doesn't look the best
  • Won't perform more advanced maths functions


TapeCalc is a calculator emulator that will allow you to reproduce equations as you would on a normal TPV device. You can perform all the usual functions such as multiplication, division, addition and subtraction within a very simple visual interface.

The key difference between TapeCalc and the standard calculator that comes built in with most Palms, is that it allows you to store the history of your operations within a memory.

This is very useful if you're trying to get to grips with your finances or practice multiple calculations for your studies. Unfortunately, the program is restricted to basic maths functions, but maybe one day we'll see a more advanced emulator from this developer, which would be great for recording the history of scientific processes.

TapeCalc is a pocket calculator with a simulated tape, where data is stored. It's possible to edit the tape; recalculations are made automatically.

It will be expecially useful for sums of many items, giving the chance to check and correct single items. Being a software for Palm, it's even more useful, as you may use it everywhere.



TapeCalc 0.4g

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